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"Through a series of meticulous sessions searching out the issue with my shoulder, Katherine has successfully resolved it and identified ways to avoid a recurrence in the future."
Jon Goddard, Engineer

"6 weeks after ankle surgery was sent to Katherine Taylor for Physio by my consultant. First impressions were very professional, friendly experience. After a couple of sessions was already starting to see huge improvements with mobility and started to look towards getting back to my sports."
Chris Holden, Snow board instructor

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At Physioclinicplus we pride ourselves on our hands on approach. We use a number of manual techniques including joint mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue massage. We also use electrotherapies, although rarely as a stand alone treatment.

All treatments are designed on an individual basis to include the best of all our available modalities, including exercise therapy to achieve maximum recovery.

We treat:

Back and neck conditions

More than 80% of us will suffer from back or neck pain at some time. For most the pain is transient and will resolve with minimal treatment. For others however the pain will continue after the expected healing time. At Physioclinicplus we offer evidence based, safe and effective treatments for acute and chronic back and neck pain.

Shoulder injuries

The shoulder has the largest range of movement in the body. It is therefore vulnerable in both in life and sport. Our focus when treating shoulders is to treat the problem then work to stabilize and strengthen the joint through a range of movement, making it stronger than ever before.

Sports injuries

Whatever your injury we can help. From first line management in acute injuries through extensive rehabilitation and sport specific training, we can help at every stage of your recovery.


We treat all types of arthritis. Using a combination of hands on treatments, advice and education, we can help to reduce pain, increase your range of movement and help to prevent further joint compromise.


At Physioclinicplus we have been treating whiplash for many years. We take referrals from individuals, solicitors insurance companies, G.P.s and consultants and you can be assured of the highest standard of treatment by highly experienced professionals.

Nerve root lesions

Nerve root lesions can be unpleasant and are usually associated with neck or low back pain. They are characterized by pain, sometimes weakness and often altered sensation into the upper or lower limbs. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, then we can help.

Lower limb conditions

We treat all types of lower limb conditions from hip and knee injuries including post ´┐Żop cartilage and ACL repairs to ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. Our focus is on total condition management. Our aim is to return you to full function and beyond.


New for 2012 is our osteoporosis management course. The aim of the course to assess risk of fracture and falls, to educate our clients on the management of the condition and to provide a comprehensive individual exercise plan to help maximize bone potential. If this is of interest to you, then please call us.


If you are unable to come to the clinic, we can arrange a home visit to treat you in your home or place of work.

To find our Cheadle clinic see the map on our contacts page.

To find out more or to arrange an appointment with us please call us on 0800 024 8657 or 07985020970 or send an e-mail to